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Question of the Week - Spread the Word

This year, 2017-18 I have handed over the Question of the Week - Go Spread the Word duties to two Fourth Graders: Dariel was so excited to be in 4th grade so he could help with this. The 4th graders will now come up with the question to be answered each time. Question of the Week was resumed with a kick off skit on 26 September written and performed by Dariel and Siobhan. 
All grades may answer the question each time and you may be creative in how you answer. Please bring answers to Mrs. Alhadef.  Grazie.
16 Oct 2017 - Owen B. in 3rd received the Starbucks gift card and Emily and Ari, both in 3rd, got a Pope Francis holy medal - it was a 3rd grade sweep. Nice. Go Dodgers!
26 September 2017: Question - What is the most important prayer (hint - Jesus taught it to us)?