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Sacred Heart Academy

Tuition and Fees Schedule

Sacred Heart Academy tuition reflects the majority, but not all, of the actual costs to educate the studentsThe tuition for the 2016-17 school year is $6,133. This is the actual amount that will be spent to educate each student during the school year.  

Most families choose "Plan A"  that brings tuition down to $5,050 for 1 child, through participation in fundraising and volunteer activities.  Parents work together to raise funds and keep costs down. A discount is given for additional children.Teachers welcome and receive support from parents.  Additional support is received from the the parish, Diocese, alumni and other benefactors who believe in Catholic education.
This page summarizes information found in the Parent Handbook.  Use this as a guide, but please consult the current Parent Handbook to understand how tuition, fees and fundraising relate to your specific situation.
Some families find "Plan B" better suits their needs, as it eliminates required fundraising activities.
1st child:
  • Annual Tuition $5,050
Each additional child:
  • Annual Tuition $4,950

  • Annual Tuition $6,133 per child


For either plan, add $300 out-of-parish fee per family if not members of The Holy Name of Jesus parish.

With the exception of annual tuition payments made to the school office by August, all tuition payments are automatically debited by FACTS Tuition Management Company (FACTS). 

Tuition Payment Options:
Option 1:  Pay tuition in full by August 5th.  You may make check or cash payment 
directly to the school office.  There is no FACTS management fee for this option.
Option 2:  Make 10 or 12 monthly payments.  FACTS will debit tuition payments from your 
checking or savings account on the 5th of each month.  FACTS will charge a once yearly $45 tuition management fee for this option upon online FACTS enrollment.

Registration Fees  (Non-refundable)
Includes curriculum and family fees:
     1 child:  $280 
     2 children:  $460 
     3 children:  $640 
The above fees include the cost of mandatory insurance for each student.   Year-round 24 hour coverage is available for an additional cost.   Information will be sent home the first week of school.

For classroom fees and other details, please consult the current Parent Handbook.