Even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning...for God is slow to anger and rich in kindness. Joel 2:13 Español

Sacred Heart Academy

Parent Letter Faith Reflection

Tenderness is the love that comes close and becomes real. It is a movement that starts from our heart and reaches the eyes, the ears, and the hands. - Pope Francis


    As I write this our lower grade kids have returned to campus. It is a joy to have them back, and in a way it reflects the Gospel for the first Sunday but in reverse. In the Gospel we saw Jesus heading into the desert for 40 days. We went into the desert last year around this time and we never really left. For us this year as we begin Lent it can seem we are going in the opposite direction—we are beginning to come out of the desert and our kids coming back on campus reflects that.

    When Jesus came out of the desert he started to proclaim the Good News. As we come out of the desert let us embrace that compassion we wrote about last week and proclaim the Good News with tenderness. We are still wounded and recovering. We are still concerned and unsure about the future, but even with all that our mission to be imitators of Christ remains. We come out of the desert of Lent and Covid-19 with Jesus. He gives meaning to our lives and propels us to come out of what we have experienced still proclaiming the Good News.

     On our journey this Lent may we be filled with compassion and choose joy.

   Showcasing 7th grade’s talents: Last week we had a guest art teacher. Brielle from 2nd grade showed us how to draw the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a 2 part assignment so I do not have any 7th grade bridges yet so will use mine to show what a great job Miss Brielle did—and she only had a day’s notice to prepare!


God bless,

Mrs. Alhadef

Campus Minister

4th Grade Aide

Jr. High ELA Aide

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