Volunteers Welcome

Our Parent Participation Program is a vital part of Sacred Heart Academy.  We welcome volunteers. The contributions of time and talent from these volunteers help the school and its students in many ways.  

The purpose of the Parent Participation Program is to involve parents more actively in their child’s education, while helping to keep down the increasing costs of educating children.  Parents have an opportunity to sign up for various activities each spring and will receive a volunteer contract specifying their volunteer responsibilities at the beginning of the school year.  

Participation is required for any family signing up for the reduced Basic and Scrip Free Family Rate.  Participation is optional, but encouraged for Premium Family Rate.

Each school family is responsible for 30 hours of parent participation for the school year.  Single parents are required to contribute 15 hours.  At the end of each month a neon-orange paper will be sent home in the family envelope.  This is your monthly opportunity to record the number of volunteer hours you have completed.  Please return the form by the following week.

Sacred Heart welcomes donations of usable supplies and/or equipment for classrooms.  Parent service hours credit will be given for all usable items.  Food items purchased will be assigned a dollar value for service hours.  Cases of 8 ½ x 11 copy paper are always needed.  The rule of thumb is $25 = one hour of volunteer service.

The Diocese requires that all school volunteers complete Safe Environment and Mandated Reporter training as well as Background check.   Training must be renewed every five years.

See the “Parent Participation Opportunities” section of the “Administrative Policies” chapter of the Parent Handbook for information on volunteering as a Room Parent or Coach.