Serving 1st-8th grade students only. 


Dear Parents, Students and Staff,


We are happy to announce that we have a new vendor for our lunch program, Top Notch School Lunches. Top Notch has been in business for over 10 years and is based out of San Diego with a new location in Redlands serving the San Bernardino County Schools. 


Top Notch use fresh ingredients not reheated or defrosted so their food is always tasty and delivered fresh. They strive to create high-quality meals that not only are nutritious but that kids will enjoy. They make meals fresh each morning and use fresh local ingredients to help provide the best quality meals. They use local bakeries, tortilla manufacturers and organic small farmers. 


There will be 4 options to choose from hot entree (with meat), hot entree (vegetarian), cold entree and Sunbutter & Jelly sandwich. Each meal will contain fruit, juice, and 2 veggies. The cost for each lunch is $7.00. 


Please log in on the Family Portal with FACTS and order lunch for your children throughout the school year. See instructions attached. There will be NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS OR EXCHANGES on lunch orders this includes sick days. 


Just a reminder, that we NO longer accept Uber Eats, Grub Hubs orders. Any drop off lunches need to be made by 12pm at the school office. 


We are excited to offer this program and hope that the kids will enjoy this service!




Sacred Heart Academy



Top Notch School Lunces Website