Extended Care Hours

Phone Number 909-406-3153
Hours of Operation
Extended Care is offered on regular school days and early dismissal days from 6:30-7:30 a.m. and 2:45-6:00 p.m. Extended Care is available on minimum days (noon dismissal) until 6:00 p.m. Extended Care is not provided on minimum days before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, the day of Spring Festival (after minimum day dismissal), and the last day of school.
Purpose and Philosophy
Sacred Heart Academy provides before and after school care to assist working parents.  It is the purpose of the SHA Extended Care program to provide a safe and secure on-site environment for the children of our school during out-of-school hours. The philosophy of the program incorporates that of SHA and includes providing a child-care environment where Catholic principles are priority and where the personal and social needs of the children of working parents are met and nurtured.
Admission Policy
The SHA Extended Care program is open to any regularly enrolled student of SHA, Grades K-8.
The Extended Care program is balanced with time for indoor and outdoor play, group crafts/activities, individual activities and snack. 
A homework/study period will be conducted daily, except on Friday. Children will be in a supervised setting with students of similar age. Staff members will make every attempt to assist students with questions, but the ultimate responsibility of overseeing homework belongs to the parents. All children will be expected to respect the need for quiet during homework time. If they do not have any homework, they will be asked to read quietly. 
There will be a $10 registration fee added to the first billing. The cost for Extended Care is $5.00 per hour per student. For students not picked up by 6:00 p.m., a fee of $3.00 per minute, per child, will be charged. If the problem is ongoing, the family may be denied Extended Care privileges.
*After 5 late pick-ups, an additional charge of $10/day will be added.
Extended Care fees will be billed monthly and become delinquent after 10 days of the date of the billing. A $15 late charge applies. Habitual non-payment or late payments of monthly bills may result in exclusion from the Extended Care program.