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Sacred Heart Academy

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

The following Schoolwide Learning Expectations indicate the qualities and skills students will exhibit by successful completion of their education at Sacred Heart Academy. Teachers at all grade levels plan lessons to ensure that a graduate of Sacred Heart Academy is
  • A Strong Catholic Christian who:
    • Takes an active role in school/parish community
    • Demonstrates knowledge of scripture and Catholic doctrine
    • Integrates Gospel values into everyday life
  • An Effective Life-Long Learner who:
    • Demonstrates a curiosity, desire and enthusiasm for learning
    • Masters basic skills while learning independently and cooperatively
    • Applies academic knowledge, skills, and technology in problem solving and critical thinking
  • A Self-Disciplined Individual who:
    • Takes responsibility for personal actions and growth
    • Demonstrates self-control and respects others
    • Solves problems peacefully
  • A Compassionate Caretaker of Creation who:
    • Uses God-given talents for the benefit of others
    • Respects and preserves God’s creation
    • Embraces cultural diversity

In support of these expectations, students recite this pledge at morning assemblies:

I am a Sacred Heart Academy Student.
I am a Strong Catholic Christian.
I will live the Gospel values every day.
I am an Effective Life-Long Learner.
I will learn something new every day.
I am a Self-Disciplined Individual.
I will take responsibility for my actions.
I am a Compassionate Caretaker of Creation.
I will respect everything God created.
I pledge to do these things with the help of Jesus Christ.