Even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning...for God is slow to anger and rich in kindness. Joel 2:13 Español

Sacred Heart Academy


We Devote Ourselves to God

Jillian, Sarah, and Siobhan put Bishop Barnes' Episcopal Motto into action by devoting themselves to God.

The Followers of Christ

Here's the second Jr. High video putting Bishop Barnes' Episcopal Motto into action. The actors are Sophia, Euan, Jack, Giana, Alyss, Ethan, Emily, Megan.

Lila and Morgan - Amar es Entregarse

The Jr. High created videos using Bishop Barnes' Episcopal Motto, Amar es Entregarse (Love is the total giving of oneself), as their theme. In this video Lila and Morgan show how updating the info board by 5th grade can be a giving of self.

Books on Tape 2017 - Watch Me Throw the Ball

Watch Me Throw the Ball - throwing isn't easy as Gerald tells us, but Piggie has fun trying - as told by Milena, Sarah, Sophia P., Anthony B., Leslie, and Aidan.

Books on Tape 2017 - Larry Loves San Francisco

Larry and Peter go to their favorite places in San Francisco - as told by Cami, Joseph, Siobhan, Daniella, and Sophia R.

Books on tape 2017 - Cowy Cow

Cowy Cow has lots of great ideas - as told by Catherine, Lyla, Kassandra, Dariel, and Liam B.

Books on Tape 2017 - Doggy Dog

Doggy Dog - written and performed by Liam K., Angelina, Avery, Emma, Miguel.

Book on Tape 2017 - Lamby Lamb

Lamby Lamb goes shopping - an original script based on by the book Lamby Lamb: Brooke, McKenzie, Cooper, Richard, Anthony F.

Saint Andrew skit

Skit performed at Mass on 29 Nov 2017 by Liam K. and Anthony F. Play was written by Liam K.

Holy Skit for Question of the Week - Spread the Word

Dariel and Siobhan came up with the idea and then wrote a skit for kick starting the Question of the Week - Spread the Word for this year. This is them performing it at assembly on 26 Sept 2017

Birthday surprise for Mrs. Alhadef - 25 Sept

I knew they wanted me to come back to class to do a little something for my birthday. Seeing an empty class I was thinking they aren't at the field or the carport where could they be. Just as I was thinking, 'Oh, they can't all be in the closet" this happened.

Klorer Cross Blessing

A few minutes of Fr. Hau blessing the Sacred Heart cross donated by the Klorer family in memory of their parents Tom and Mary Klorer. 3 March 2017

Playground Music

4th grade's musical composition using various equipment on the field as their instruments. Morgan, Lila and Giovanna came up to me on Monday and presented their idea of doing something similar to Tower Music where Bertolozzi did this using the Eiffel Tower as his instrument. The girls did some test runs and scoping out of sites at recess and we created a basic storyboard of what we wanted to do, but we had no rehearsal time. We split the class so there weren't too many students at any one time playing. The things we used are what you find in the classroom; pencils, rulers, scissors, etc. Additionally our first film crew fell through but they found us a replacement team 20 minutes before we began filming. We thank Mrs. Misenheimer for jumping in last minute and having great intuition for what we were doing. She did a great job filming. Enjoy our video and hear our playground in a whole new way.