Even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning...for God is slow to anger and rich in kindness. Joel 2:13 Español

Sacred Heart Academy

Grade by Grade » Kindergarten


Kindergarten is taught by Mrs. Kim Tibbetts and Ms. Juanita Tucker, Instructional Aide. 
Mrs. Maria Downey teaches Spanish.  Mr. Josh Garcia teaches Physical Education.  Mr. Robert Vansant teaches Technology. Mr. Bradley Turner teaches Music.
Students will: 
  • Name and act out things God has made 
  • Appreciate and care for God’s creation 
  • Listen/respond/act out lessons taught 
  • Retell Scripture in words, drawings & role playing
  • Show self respect for self , others & environment 
  • Share stories about feelings
  • Share what God has made
  • Know and participate in parish/community they belong to
  • Pray formally and informally 
  • Know and participate in liturgical seasons 
  • Participate in liturgies 
  • Understand Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education (ACRE) terminology on grade level

Students will: 
  • Recognize families as gifts from God
  • Evaluate how their families’ ethnic, social, and religious customs have shaped them 
  • Identify the physical traits and characteristics they have inherited 
  • Appraise the impact of environment on their personal development 
  • Assess importance of self-knowledge/self-esteem in achieving goals of lasting value 
  • Demonstrate the importance of respect and good manners in all relationships 
  • Recognize the wisdom/experience of the elderly members of society 
  • Demonstrate responsibility with respect to the use of money 
  • Explain Church teaching in regards to the expression of love and sexuality 

Students will: 
  • Participate in Lesson 1: Touching Safely 
  • Participate in Lesson 2: Safe Friends, Safe Adults ​Safe Touches
  • Participate in Lesson 7: Internet Safety
  • Participate in Lesson 8: Creating and Following Family Rules 

MATHEMATICS (we are fully embracing the CCSS in this subject)
Students will: 
  • Describe and identify objects (color, size, shape, etc) 
  • Sort and classify objects by attributes 
  • Develop goal setting/attainment (brainstorm, envision, research, plan, etc.) 
  • Understand, describe and extend patterns 
  • Count by memory to 100 
  • Count movable objects to 50 
  • Write numbers in order from 0-100 
  • Do simple addition and subtraction 
  • Tell time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour
  • Understand concepts of measurement
  • Name days of the week and months of the year 
  • Name and compare shapes and 3-dimensional figures
  • Collect, organize and interpret data on a graph 
  • Problem solve 
  • Mental Math (+ and -) 
Students will: 
  • Recognize, name, write, and match the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet 
  • Decode for the sounds of the letters 
  • Blend the sounds to read three-letter words 
  • Read grade appropriate sight words 
  • Recognize and be able to produce rhyming words
  • Understand concepts of print 
  • Listen, comprehend, and re-tell stories 
  • Communicate ideas orally using complete sentences
  • Spell words phonetically 
  • Comprehension, critical thinking, filling in blanks 
  • Exhibit emergent writing skills 

Students will: 
  • Know the five senses and how they help us 
  • Know about common plants 
  • Know about common animals 
  • Know our physical environment and how to care for it 
  • Collaborate, brainstorm, communicate scientific ideas 
  • Investigate and experiment 
  • Observation and Journaling 
Students will: 
  • Understand being a good citizen means having responsibilities 
  • Understand calendar concepts 
  • Recognize and name National and State symbols 
  • Know about where they live (neighborhood, city, state, country) 
  • Match descriptions of work that people and do and name the job 
  • Understand that things in life change over time 
  • Understand that history relates to events, people, and places of times past 
  • Seasonal changes 
Students will: 
  • Learn basic understanding of computer terms and keyboarding 
  • Be introduced to various types of technology (cds, dvds, smartboard, powerpoint, internet) 
  • Learn Internet safety regulations 
  • Recognize and be able to use devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor) 
Students will: 
  • Learn appreciation for multiple genres 
  • Learn basic elements in music 
  • Use creative expression (fingerplays, instruments, singing) 
  • Learn, participate, and perform seasonal, patriotic, cultural and liturgical songs
  • Gain appreciation for elements of the visual arts 
  • Create and talk about mediums of art 
  • Demonstrate skills using a variety of mediums 
  • Role play and re-enact various stories, plays, songs 
  • Recognize famous artists 

Students will: 
  • Learn structured activities to develop agility, balance, and coordination 
  • Learn rules to games and fair play to encourage good sportsmanship 
  • Learn to maintain a healthy body through a healthy lifestyle 
  • Understand personal and community safety