Even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning...for God is slow to anger and rich in kindness. Joel 2:13 Español

Sacred Heart Academy

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7th Grade

Mr. Kathy Lawson teaches 7th grade Religion and Language Arts.  Mrs. Patrick Burnham teaches 7th grade Science and Mrs. Camille Lockhart teaches Honors 7th grade Language ArtsMrs. Maria Downey teaches Spanish. Mr. Josh Garcia teaches Physical Education. Mr. Robert Vansant teaches Social Studies. Mr. Bradley Turner teaches Music.

Students will:
* Synthesize Bible, books, internet resources, reference ​materials to learn about and to grow in faith
* Learn and master the ACRE vocabulary (Assessment ​of Catechesis in Religious Education)
* Understand and respect the Jewish roots of Catholic ​traditions
* Examine the effects of historical events in the Church’s ​history
* Implement the characteristics of being a disciple of ​Jesus into real life situations
* Understand and appreciate symbols and liturgical ​seasons
Students will:
* Discuss and reflect on human dignity from ​conception till death
* Recognize and accept gender, racial, and religious ​differences.
* Identify methods to live the theological virtues of ​faith, hope, and love
* Understand the importance of self-control as a whole ​person, physically and spiritually
* Define and evaluate the role of dating at the Junior ​high level and later and appropriate ways to express ​affection in friendship and dating
* Recognize and appreciate that sexual activity has ​meaning and purpose in marriage
* Recognize Christian marriage and parenting are a ​loving and life-giving vocation
* Recognize growing in love is a life-long process, ​guided by the spirit of Jesus
* Receive the tools they need to protect themselves ​from those who might harm them through Virtus ​program
Students will:
* Participate in Lesson 3: Boundaries
* Participate in Lesson 4: Telling Someone You Trust
* Participate in Lesson 7: Internet Safety
* Participate in Lesson 8: Creating and Following Family ​Rules
Students will:
* Solve multi-step problems using step-by-step problem ​solving methods
* Use calculators, computers, and other technology
* Compute accurately
* Solve consumer related problems
* Analyze and interpret statistics and graphs; work with ​data analysis
* Solve problems using operations with rational numbers
* Solve using measurement, precision, and conversion
* Solve algebraic equations and inequalities, solve and ​graph linear equations be able to translate from English ​terms to algebraic equations
* Work with ratio, proportion, percent, spatial thinking and ​geometry
Students will:
* Read, write, speak, listen for a variety of purposes
* Understand different genres
* Use mass media (newspapers, magazines, internet, etc.)
* Conduct research and cite sources (locate ​observe/gather, analyze, conclude)
* Possess technical skills: read/write/present
* Increase vocabulary and reading rate with multi purpose ​reading.
* Read and understand literary genre (drama, poetry​ mythology, short stories, etc.) and literary devices (symbolism, imagery flashback, allusion)
* Write/deliver three-part research based informative themes/presentations and write/speak to state opinions
* Listen/read to analyze others’ points of view and learn
* Conduct research and cite sources
* Grow in knowledge and practice of correct grammar
SCIENCE (Life/Physical)
Students will:
* Solve problems using the scientific method (research, ​hypothesis, experimentation, findings, conclusion
* Conduct research (field research, library and online ​research)
* Using scientific equipment appropriately and safely
* Apply knowledge of the relationships between humans, ​the environment, and the earth’s resources to improve the ​environment
* Learn the periodic table of elements
* Understand that all living organisms are composed of ​cells
* Understand that a typical cell of any organism contains ​genetic ​instructions that specify traits
* Understand that the anatomy and physiology of plants and
​animals illustrate the complementary nature of structure ​and function.
* Discover concepts related to waves, magnetism, and ​electricity, forces and motion
Students will:
* Analyze the causes and effects of expansion and ​disintegration of the Roman Empire
* Analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, ​and social structures of civilizations of Islam in the ​Middle Ages
* Analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious and ​social structures of the civilizations of China in the ​Middle Ages
* Analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious and ​social structures of the sub-Saharan civilizations of Ghana ​and Mali in Medieval Africa
* Analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious and ​social structures of the civilizations of Medieval Japan
* Analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious and ​social structures of the civilizations of Medieval Europe
* Compare and contrast the geographic, political, economic, ​religious and social structures of the Meso-American and ​Andean civilizations
* Analyze the origins, accomplishments and geographic ​diffusion of the Renaissance
* Analyze the historical developments of the Reformation
* Analyze the historical developments of the Scientific ​Revolution and its lasting effect on religious, political and ​cultural institutions
* Analyze political and economic change in the 16th, 17th ​and 18th centuries
Students will:
* Improve keyboarding skills to 25 words per minute ​with accuracy
* Create, manipulate and import student created graphics
* Build charts, graphs and formulas in a spreadsheet ​format
* Develop PowerPoint presentations using appropriate ​background elements, slide transitions, clip art, digitized ​sounds and graphs
* Create and understand the importance of a database
* Learn to use internet to enhance all subject areas
* Be taught to practice internet safety
Students will:
• Understand/appreciate the cultural/historical context ​of art understand the elements of design
• Explore the lives, styles and contributions of various ​artists throughout history
• Be able to experiment with a wide variety of ​materials/media/processes
• Create unique artwork
Students will:
* Participate in weekly activities that promote physical ​fitness, body awareness, sportsmanship, and development ​of motor skills
* Learn about proper nutrition participate and learn the ​fundamentals of organized sports
* Participate in the Inland Catholic Schools League (ICSL) ​Fall and Winter sport teams