Sacred Heart Preschool is first and foremost a Catholic Preschool. The faith formation of a young child is an ongoing process. Ideas about God and His world are incorporated into the daily classroom activities as opportunities occur.
Children participate in songs, stories, dramatizations and prayers. Church celebrations are acknowledged in age-appropriate ways. The preschool students attend and participate in daily assembly.
PLAY IS ESSENTIAL TO LEARNING. The environment is designed whereby children learn through their play. Children test, explore, discover, adapt, classify, organize and construct their knowledge through play experiences.
Children learn best when they can experience something with all their senses. Curriculum is presented in a hands-on, multi-sensory approach. Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions.
Our Language Arts program is phonics-based, which develops listening and speaking skills. The foundation for reading and writing is experienced daily.
Science and mathematic concepts are learned through the manipulation of concrete objects. Once a week our preschool participates in Spanish and Music classes.
Physical development is an important component of a child’s learning and overall growth. Along with daily outdoor play, all children participate in a specifically designed P.E. program.
Curriculum is integrated through thematic units of study relevant to children’s lives. Learning centers are planned to meet the developmental abilities of the children in each classroom. Learning centers provide children the opportunity to explore concepts in small groups or on a 1:1 basis with teachers and assistants.